The XXXmas corporate party


Every year, the same old story…the welcome from the CEO, the targets we achieved, the ones we pursue for next year and the toast to let the party begin! This year, having moved to another company, it was interesting to sit back a bit and watch. For the first time I realized that no matter which corporate party you attend, you meet the same people.

Those that just showed up because they had to, those that had no other place to go, those that are needed to start the party (the “fun” guys), those that think that are needed to start the party and those that never go out, so they find this as a great opportunity to dress up and have fun!

It is sad to realize how some people party and drink like crazy and get to the extreme. The funny thing is that, two hours ago, these were the most boring people you could meet just on your way to the office toilet.

And then you see those ones that lose control…Shirts unbuttoned, trousers full of shots, getting touchy with girls, and something on their head that makes them look like Rudolf (at least this is a cute animal).

You sit back and you wonder…”why people think that this is the way to inspire their coworkers? Do they really think that this will make me feel that they are a fun person to work with?”..I still wonder…


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