Think twice!

valentine's day, thejllog

We all loook for the ultimate love. Love makes you happy. Love makes you smile all the time. Love makes you look the world from a different angle. Love is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you. Love is what connects people accross ages, accross cultures, accross countries…And to put things straight, I mean about ultimate love between two lovers, between a boy and a girl (or whatever the sexes are), between two people who are in love! En amorado!

So when love is not around, you miss all of these great feelings. Instead, you feel depressed, alone and you always look back in time, when you were in love and happy… cherishing this wonderful period of your life.

But, as most of us do, you tend to remember the good of every situation and leave the bad ones back. You don’t remember how much you suffer when you are in love. How nervous you feel everytime the phone rings and you simply can’t say a word that would make sense. You seem to forget that your stomach is aching almost every day. You seem to forget that you can’t concentrate at work. You delete from your memory how irrational your thoughts become when you are in love. You imagine things that never happened. You expect things that would never happen. You leave in your own dream and you expect the other person to follow. You suffer. You never meet your friends, you family, your neighbors, because you simply are in love…

And day he leaves and you are completely fucked up. And it aches even more.

So I come to think..why would we look for the ultimate, strongest love of our lives when all it does is hurting us at the end?


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