Think twice!

valentine's day, thejllog

We all loook for the ultimate love. Love makes you happy. Love makes you smile all the time. Love makes you look the world from a different angle. Love is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you. Love is what connects people accross ages, accross cultures, accross countries…And to put things straight, I mean about ultimate love between two lovers, between a boy and a girl (or whatever the sexes are), between two people who are in love! En amorado!

So when love is not around, you miss all of these great feelings. Instead, you feel depressed, alone and you always look back in time, when you were in love and happy… cherishing this wonderful period of your life.

But, as most of us do, you tend to remember the good of every situation and leave the bad ones back. You don’t remember how much you suffer when you are in love. How nervous you feel everytime the phone rings and you simply can’t say a word that would make sense. You seem to forget that your stomach is aching almost every day. You seem to forget that you can’t concentrate at work. You delete from your memory how irrational your thoughts become when you are in love. You imagine things that never happened. You expect things that would never happen. You leave in your own dream and you expect the other person to follow. You suffer. You never meet your friends, you family, your neighbors, because you simply are in love…

And day he leaves and you are completely fucked up. And it aches even more.

So I come to think..why would we look for the ultimate, strongest love of our lives when all it does is hurting us at the end?


What is it?


Isn’t it sometimes that you wonder what exactly you miss out of him/her; is it the person that you are missing or the relationship? Is it the “need” to be that couple again or is it just the feeling to be coupled? Is it just this ghost of past memories that puts you down or is it a reflection that you can’t see anymore when you look yourself at the mirror? What is it that you are actually missing?

Well, it is you. It is yourself that you are missing. You are missing yourself being happy, walking down the street smiling to complete strangers for no reason, acting silly just because… You are missing this great side of you. Don’t take it wrong, it is not that you need this person to actually be yourself.   It is that you need the trigger point to reveal feelings, words, looks, expressions, that you wouldn’t be able to reveal with your friends or people you just like and admire. You just need to be in love!

Pick a guy with a belly


I am sure you’ve been in this situation where you describe to your girlfriends your new boyfriend (boyfriend to be or whatever…) pointing out all these little details about his fit body (I hope they are not that little ;-)). Let’s be honest, this is the very first thing you mention (after the zodiac).

So when it comes out of your mouth “he is doing sports”, “he is playing basket”, “he is a surfer”, “he is a professional swimmer”, you just hear all four of your girlfriends go “WWWWWOOOOWWWWW”. And then you start laughing, imagining his naked body, all the sex positions and… lets don’t get more dirty here.

I am sorry to say that but this is not the ideal scenario when you meet someone. Talking out of recent experience, I learnt not to look at his six, eight pack and get impressed with his passion for sports. Well don’t take me wrong, I know it is good to follow sports and work out, I exercise myself..but I never bother my partner with the history of Joseph Pilates!

Did I ever say that I want to know who is ahead in score and what will happen if the goal difference is not enough? Do I need to massage you just after your game or…better prepare for our game? Come on! Still, basketball and football are not that tough, I can make a comment or two. What happens when we start analyzing wind speed and direction? If I wanted to become a weather forecaster I would study more maths at school my love. I don’t want to know how the wind blows because simply, I never go to the beach in February let alone with a camera on my hand! Yes a camera! Because not only you have to follow all this “sports passion kind of thing” but also to be supportive! No thank you, I prefer normal guys instead!

I just want a guy with a belly! This guy that eats late at night and leaves weekends free! That follows sports every now and then but eats burgers after that. That doesn’t get into depression if the snow is not soft enough and finds it as a good alternative to stay by the fireplace…Who cares if there is a bit of a belly there? If he still makes me go wwwwooowww ;-)

Life in mono

stock-footage-one-white-dice-in-super-slow-motion-rebonding-on-the-grey-floor-against-a-grey-backgroundWhat is it that makes everything come in pairs ? You have to buy at least two cups, at least a pair of cutlery, six pairs of plates…Again your phone is full with all these promos for two: win a trip in Milan for two, dinner for two, theater tickets for two…even condoms come in pairs (well that’s good sorry).

You go to the Super market and the loyalty card is in doubles-in case you want to share your points with someone else in the house. I am sorry to disappoint you, but my dog is too busy sleeping on every corner of the house, let alone go out for shopping…You are off on holidays and even that crappy bed and breakfast gives you a second key for your room. He saw you traveling alone, but still hopes you can find someone to use it. Well I have a tendency losing stuff so I would need a second one for sure! Handy.Thank you.

You go out for dinner. The lady greets you, you ask a table for dinner. As if she doesn’t understand she goes,” is it only yourself tonight miss?” . Wtf YES! And then, you get this look of “I am sorry for you”. You sit at the table (for two) and the waiter ensures once more if someone else is joining. As if after a couple of steps from the entrance I would also feel sorry for myself and call for someone to join! You confirm you are eating alone and when it comes to order you get food for two…and you completely mix them up! haha! Well, what can I say, I am a food lover indeed.  

So I ask myself, who said to all these people that you should come in couples? Why should there always be someone using this second key, glass, plate, ticket? And why this world only accepts couples and not singles?

Because in a civilized world, single life should not be matched to life in mono, don’t you think? Do you need someone else using that second bonus card to get a bonus in life? Not really.