Enjoy the power of being single


Drunk as I am, I value this being the best time to write…

Write about the funny time of getting drunk all alone! A bottle of wine, some cheese and a pack of cigarettes. And while I pour myself some wine, I am replying back to the American colleague that seem not to approve our proposal..And then I decide i need to cook for tomorrow’s lunch (I am fed up of the vending machine food) and I start putting ingredients together…(Remind me not to give anyone at the office to try tomorrow!)

It is only 10.30 pm and I feel like I need to have a good sleep..My pijamas are  full of food stains, my head still thinks of the email exchange and the music plays as loud as it is a Saturday night.

That’s the good thing of being single! You can do whatever you like, whenever you like and actually feel free!
Who cares if the groceries still stay in the plastic bags, next to the fridge? They will make their way to the fridge at some point! Who cares if the kitchen is full of dishes, and who cares if I want to have all my bras in display? Being single is fun so let’s drink to it!!!


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