Take the day off


Lately my life has been hectic. Working from 9am to 9pm or even later. Work, work, work. Satisfy my manager, satisfy her manager, oh sorry…it is all about satisfying the customer. What has to do though with my satisfaction, cannot get into an chart pie or a spreadsheet. It can’t even fit in a brief to the ad agency…It is clear that noone could think of a creative line for the way I am positioned right now.

The fridge is empty cause there is simply no time to go to the grocery shop. Milk in the fridge has almost turned into yoghurt while my fruity yoghurts could only be shared with my ex boyfriend (I was always looking for a way to get revenge). Sometimes I even risk going at work with a “Frida eyebrow” kind of style. I am sure my brother has less hair than I do!

Full of hair, mastered by stress, without any exercise, while whenever my stomach gives signal to my brain, I just eat crappy sandwiches from the vending machine. Absolutely fucking success! Absolutely great career! Tell me about it…

At least I have this fb that releases my tension. Work, home, work, home…you need something to relax you, don’t you think? Something that operates after 10pm and it is not a 24/7 convenience store. Sex really helps this overstressed life that most of us working, career-oriented (my ass) people have (for some reason) chosen. Now that I think of it, sex actually does what my face cleanser promises:  “it takes the day off”!

Even if you see it as a “set up meeting”, at least this is the only case where you don’t need to right a memo afterwards. You just need to follow up ;-)




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