Reality check


There go some nights that you set up a sex appointment. A simple message if he is ok for tonight and a confirmation on the time, to follow. Someone could say that this is too loose an attitude; too clear, too naked, too raw…too sad.

But there are those nights that (I think) you do something even worse. You are home, tired and bored to go out, but you negotiate with your feelings (and friends) and force yourself to switch off the TV and lift your ass from the couch. You have a shower, you do your hair, you wear your make up, spray your sexy perfume and get on your heels. So after having “forced” yourself to bring any good mood left out, there you are: sexy, parfumée and ready to shoot. In other words you are all dressed up and go out for “business as usual”: wander around different bars, hoping you meet somebody, hoping you get liked (not only on facebook), hoping you finally fall in love.

So who’s sad now?


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