DOMINA-456-2 A gay friend can get your through experiences you could never imagine. Or better, experiences you could imagine but you wouldn’t have the chance to go through with your straight friends. Have you ever been in a gay night club? If yes, then you can tell what I am talking about. I should admit that, at first place, I didn’t want to go. He asked me to couple him since he wanted to meet a guy there, a guy he hardly knew. I was not in the mood into going in a gay friendly place with men around flirting. To be honest, I was thinking like a catholic friend I had back in school. Well I agreed…and there I was in this underground place. “Tonight it is a samurai night” he says, and I imagine crazy “women” with their “swords” wanting to turn men’s clothes into pieces.

Well, I get in, and as we cross the place, I look around. Fortunately I could see other girls too, and boys mixing also with girls. “It is like a straight bar”, I thought. However, the more we approached to the back of the place the harder it was to see a guy on sleeves! We were meeting this guy next to the dj. Luckily enough, the music was great. The more I danced, the more I realised that I was not at all bothered by the “guys” around me.  I even helped one of them with the laces of his corset! I was sure that if I got undressed in there, no one would even notice. And that was part of the fun!

So I begin seeing that night not as a favour I was doing to my friend. This is an experience that I owed to myself, and it is me that feels thankful not the other way round. The waiters were half naked and their eyes’ make up was much more intense than mine (nice bodies by the way.They could be nice fbs for sure). Too bad we were meeting under this context. I smile. I really smile on the sensuality I can “smell” around. There is nothing provocative or insulting (as that catholic mind of mine would imagine). Ok some guys are kissing, some are touching each other or take crazy photos. But they are so real. So free. So simple. You cannot see that in a straight bar my dear. This is the privilege of having a gay friend. That’s why I enjoyed it.  


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