It is a hard day at work. A call in the morning before even getting in the car to drive to the office reminds you that you are late. Mr K is asking for a meeting. He wants to announce you your new role. You ask his P.A. to reschedule for later today while to your effort to prepare as soon as possible you almost skip a button on your shirt. You get in the office quite relaxed for some reason singing the worst song that could come to your mind. The moment though you sit at your office hell starts. Things to do, things to skip without no one noticing (:) ), things to cover, people to talk, partners to ‘cuddle’ and a long list of to-do that seems to be staying as-is till Monday. You do that presentation while you check that all buttons are in place! Everything rolls well and you feel content. You don’t know if you managed to sell your products but at least you booked yourself for a field trip in Latin America.

Time for lunch. The meeting with the new Director to follow. You feel a bit stressed. You get another call from his P.A., it is postponed. You have to wait until 5pm. F*%k it is Friday. You feel more stressed now. Your anxiety prolongs and your nerves get worse when you start realizing that everyone is kind of settled with new positions but you. You work and work. You feel like having a cigarette even if you never smoke at work. Not a good day today. The worse thing though is that you don’t know what will happen “tomorrow”. New role, new director, new era. You try not to worry. But you can’t.

And suddenly your phone rings. Brother is on the phone and you get so happy! Being in different countries makes communication less frequent. So everytime the word “brother” flashes on your mobile screen, a smile comes to your face! “I need to talk to you”, he says, and the smile is replaced with a frown.First time you hear him saying that. Your heart beats and you expect to hear the worst. Suddenly nothing matters. Only him. Problems at work, he says. You chat. You feel like getting the plane and meeting him at the café next to his office. You stay calm and “consult” him, say your opinion. Anything that would make him see things clear and feel less stressed. You were in that position 5 minutes ago, but it is all gone. Your personal concerns do not matter anymore. It is him that you worry more now.

You hang up and you realize that there is nothing stronger than the love for your brother. It is not expressed often, but it so real.

I hope you are lucky enough to feel the same.


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