Since when?


Since when relationship came out to be that difficult? So hard to handle a boyfriend, a friend, a co-worker. The more we get older, the hardest it gets.

I remember being younger listening to people saying that the best period in a woman’s life is after 30. That’s true. The more the years pass by the more I realize myself, my body, my soul. It is not easy. It is tough, but at the same time interesting I should admit.

But the older you get the easier you want some things to roll. You can’t fight for getting a spot in someone’s life, you can’t fight to prove to your friends that you are out there for them even if you get to spend hours in the office, you can’t fight to show to your parents that even that you are not around you still love them. And the more you get older the more you need to face the truth. You need to face the fact that the life you planned might never appear. You are older, you are different. And you need to let go of this plan in order to live the life that is ahead of you. No, it is not compromise. I would call this adaptation rather than compromise.

And among these life time discoveries (!) you need to keep balance with people around you. That instead of making life easier for you (come on you have enough puzzles to solve) they are getting even more difficult to decode, to react, to show simple feelings. Well I agree that you shouldn’t take anything for granted, but sometimes things should come without having to fight for them. Come on, you know me so well, why should I prove to you who I am every single day? Things in relationships should come easy. If not, then better let it go.


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