Houston we’ve got a problem!


What happens when your fuck body becomes a fuck buddy? Problems…You’ve never asked for it, you’ve never pursued it, but for some reason he feels so comfortable discussing with you, that he could even discuss about the message he received from his ex!

So you had sex and then lie on bed having a smoke (he even prepared the cigarette for you-first sign that things do now work well). And he starts asking questions about what this message means, what you would do if you were at his place, what is the psychology of a woman sending that after a year that they broke up..and then this cartoon circles come over your head: (fuck I wish I could text my girlfriends right now), (maybe this is fun), (well if I tell him to come back to her I might lose my fb-whatever “b” means), (what if he really quits?)…You pull yourself together and try to show that you are really following him. You give an answer that provokes a new question, and then another answer…and… the cigarette goes off (thank God!). “It is time I left” you say and start looking for your clothes. He doesn’t say a single word and you see him gazing outside the window. Well you got him thinking…that is what you don’t want your fb to do!!!This is when your f.body becomes a f.buddy…Oh f*#k!

You pretend nothing happened (he is too hurt to go back anyway) and leave his place. Dual role for tonight.



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