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Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the terms “friends with benefits” (fwb) and “fuck body” (fb)? Well I have. To be honest I really couldn’t see why there were two different terms into describing “casual sex – no relationship”. So I thought it was the same, that I could use both for the same meaning…Well I was mistaken apparently! Last night I really got to know the difference and I think I should share it…

So to me, “friends with benefits” refers to the situation where you know the guy, you go out for drinks, coffee, you might even share common interests and you feel somehow intimate to him. Of course when you meet, you end up having sex. And then, after sex, there might be a bit of cuddling, teasing, hugging (well not too much!), you lay down together and you probably have a cigarette or two. A fwb will call you on your nameday or maybe text you to show his “friendly” interest. A fwb is this kind of person that will offer you a glass of water after sex and probably discuss about the interaction you had some minutes ago. He might even drive you home!

A “fuck body” on the other hand is just what the term denotes. Is the person that texts you “lets meet tomorrow for a coffee” or even “lets meet tomorrow to have sex”. He invites you at his place straight away since there is no point going for a drink before that. Things are simple. You can have great sex with him, you can feel that things are great…but only until the moment this “night story” comes to an end. After that he just sits on the other side of the bed smoking, he doesn’t even discuss with you about what happened earlier on but ensures he locks the appointment for next time! So you have no feelings for him, you don’t really care how his day was…something that you would ask a fwb. He offers you simple sex and gets you out of the difficult situation of discussing how it was! So you don’t need to bother much…convenient!

So having experienced an “fb meeting”, I think I can tell the difference now. Don’t ask me what I prefer! Maybe none of the above. But it is fun to know anyway!!! ;-)


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