What is it?


Isn’t it sometimes that you wonder what exactly you miss out of him/her; is it the person that you are missing or the relationship? Is it the “need” to be that couple again or is it just the feeling to be coupled? Is it just this ghost of past memories that puts you down or is it a reflection that you can’t see anymore when you look yourself at the mirror? What is it that you are actually missing?

Well, it is you. It is yourself that you are missing. You are missing yourself being happy, walking down the street smiling to complete strangers for no reason, acting silly just because… You are missing this great side of you. Don’t take it wrong, it is not that you need this person to actually be yourself.   It is that you need the trigger point to reveal feelings, words, looks, expressions, that you wouldn’t be able to reveal with your friends or people you just like and admire. You just need to be in love!


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