Never underestimate the stars

jllogI never really got these people that follow all this horoscope and zodiac stuff. Honestly, why should you ever bother asking someone about his zodiac sign? Would this piece of information change his looks or what you feel the very first moment you meet him? Some girls actually get too stressed to find out that. So after the first introduction, the crucial question comes: “…and when is your birthday?”.

I always had my friend C. for that. When she was meeting my “newly recruited” boyfriend she would ask him his horoscope, his rising sign, his Aphrodite, the moon, the sun… Well of course a guy would hardly know…apparently he had a girlfriend once, that tought him all these bizzare things!

So I go out with this guy. Somebody would say that there are days that he just brings his other self on board. No, no I have to be precise; there are moments that he just brings his other self on board! With him I discovered the power of a shower, the power of a meal, the power of a short walk. All these 20 minutes actions could change him. So being two months with this guy I learnt that I shouldn’t be taking too much into consideration everything comes out of his mouth. The very next moment it can simply change. Well, it took me some time to figure out that. You see, I am a Leo and, as far as I know, I am characterized by stability. Not something that characterizes a Gemini for sure. Oh yes! Gemini! I have to do with two of them. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong (common mistake of women in love). Then I consulted my guru friend. Long “cheese and wine” talks resulted in a simple explanation: “he is just a Gemini!”

And then I met his friends. Oh my God (!) how lucky I was I met his friends. They kind of felt sorry for me! I stopped feeling lonely, these two selves made their presence to others too…! There were people that “suffered” with me over the years.

As if all these were not enough, the great apocalypse came a week ago! “My rising star is a Gemini as well”!!!!!! So apparently they are four of them! And I have just met the third one. This is not a joke – this is scary.

I trust I will never go out for a second date if I don’t first get the full “horoscope map”!


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